The Wine Refrigerator – Chill Your Wines

If you enjoy drinking wine, then the addition of a wine refrigerator to your home can be a good investment. Wine fridges are a type of refrigerator that is configured in such a manner that it keeps your wine bottles chilled to just the right temperature over time.  This ensures the best possible experience for you – the wine drinker – when it comes time to crack open a bottle.

There are a wide range of companies who manufacture wine refrigerators.  From GE and Samsung, to Avanti and Cuisinart, you will have no trouble finding a wine fridge made by a reputable company that you trust.

As far as affordability goes, you can spend as much or as little as you want on wine fridges.  Prices range from beneath a hundred dollars for a basic unit, and on up to thousands for the high end models.

An example of a great cheap wine fridge is the 12 bottle wine refrigerator offered by Haier.  For only a hundred dollars you do not really have the right to expect much, but this small fridge has a surprising amount of features.

It incorporates a dual paned insulated door with recesses handles; inside lighting that display your bottles in a flattering way, and an adjustable control for the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Of course, many people prefer to shop the high end.  For buyers like this the Marvel Beverage and Wine fridge may be a better choice.  At twelve hundred dollars it is by no means cheap, but it is very nice.

This particular wine fridge incorporates not one but two different temperature zones.  These are controlled by a digital LED panel – which allows for fine control and easy monitoring of the two separate zones.  Each zone can be used to store a separate type of beverage at the appropriate temperature for that drink, a very handy feature if you have a diverse collection of wines.

Also included in this unit is an alarm system that detects if the internal temperature drifts too far from the targeted point.  This is reminiscent of temperature controls found in some fine art museums.

No matter when your prefer a cheap wine fridge or a more expensive fully functioned wine refrigerator, the wine drinkers in your home will thank you for purchasing one of these handy appliances.

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