Tips on How to Use Your Water Jugs

We all know drinking water is essential to make us healthy, but few of us actually achieve the recommend daily intake of between two to three liters of water per day. So the best way to ensure you drink enough water is to make sure your water bottle or water jug is kept close by. By choosing to use a water jug, you are not only going to keep hydrated and feel more energetic, but you are also helping to reduce waste caused by excessive plastic waste and protect the environment.

What Size Bottle Should I Buy?

When buying a jug it is best to find one that not only suits your budget, but also the need you require it. Purchasing the right size water bottle or water jug will depend on the place you are going to put it and the amount water you need over a period of time. If the water jug is to be used all day then you should ensure it is big enough to handle the amount of people it will be serving. However, you should not forget where you will be storing the jug to ensure it fits your location. There is nothing worst than buying a jug to only find out it doesn’t fit in your refrigerator.

Aren’t water jugs unhygienic?

If left for long periods and cleaned incorrectly then any kitchen canister will become a home for bacteria. So to ensure you clean your water jugs properly follow these simple steps.

1. Empty the contents and rinse with clean warm water.

2, If particularly dirty  fill the water jug with warm soapy water and scrub with a clean nylon bottle brush ensuring you get into all those corners.

3. Rinse with warm water until all the soap suds’ are gone.

4. Make a solution of one part bleach(non scented) and five parts water and fill your water jug. Shake as vigorously as possible to ensure the solution touches every part of the inside wall of the jug.

5. Rinse multiple times with warm water until the jug smells fresh.

6. Leave the jug so any water can drip out and leave to air dry.

Tip: You can also use the same method to clean your silicone bakeware.

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