What is a Water Body Cleanse?

Have you ever heard of a “water body cleanse”?  There is a good reason why you have probably never heard of it – there is no money in it!  Now, I am not talking about a water colon cleansing solution or something like that, I am talking about drinking plain old water. While water may not be considered a “healthy food” it is definitely one of the most important and healthy things you can do for your body!

Everybody knows that drinking water is good for you, but it is rarely discussed in the context of body cleansing.  It is mentioned however, by every cleansing product out there, that you should drink lots of water with the product.  Why is that, and how does water help?  I will give you three ways that it helps.


Your kidneys perform about a whole slew of different tasks, all within a few minutes of eating or drinking anything.  It also runs all of the fluids within your body through its filter about 12 times per hour.  The thicker the fluids, the harder it is for it to do its job.  Filtering toxins is one of its biggest jobs.  Lots of water keeps it doing this efficiently.


The liver has over 500 different jobs.  Many of those jobs are centered around fat burning and body detoxification.  If your liver shuts down, you will die a very quick and painful death due to an increase of the body’s toxin levels.  Like the kidneys, water keeps the liver running efficiently, so it does a better job of processing waste materials.


In order to have a proper bowl movement, the intestinal tract takes the waste products and mixes them with water that it absorbs from the body.  That allows the stool to move freely throughout the colon and exit the body.  The biggest reason for constipation is that the large intestine does not have sufficient water to move the waste along. Combine this with a lack of fiber in the diet and a lack of exercise, and you have accounted for over 90% of the possible causes of constipation.

Oral colon total cleanse “supplements” basically work as a diuretic. It takes what water in can find and forces it into the large intestine (whether it needs it or not), forcing a bowel movement and dehydrating the rest of the body.  That is why so many products recommend that you drink copious amounts of water with them.  Do yourself a favor – save you money and just drink the water.  You will get just as “cleansed”, feel just as good (or better), and it is much, much safer than many of popular and fad detox cleanse diets.

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