Understanding Vitamin D Foods: Can You Get Your Sunshine From Food?

Unfortunately for today’s society, the average American receives far less Vitamin D than he or she needs, mainly because of the “indoors” mindset is so prevalent.  But because most people are not outdoors in the sunshine, they should look to their diet to supply this crucial vitamin.


Vitamin D absorption is truly vital for full body health.  Besides promoting excellent bone health, this amazing vitamin is also known as a hormone.  That’s right, if your hormones are out of balance, have a Vitamin D test ordered from your doctor right away.  Other amazing activities of this vitamin include regulation of blood pressure, the immune system, and cardiovascular health-not to mention its wonders working against cancer and bacterial infections,  reducing infections, and plenty more.  The question, therefore, is this:  What can an average individual eat that will promote their intake?

Remember Granny’s tale of taking cod liver oil every morning?  She actually had a legitimate reason-cod liver oil supplies at least three times the amount you need daily.  But who wants to gag the stuff down nightly?  Good news-the vitamin also abounds in fish and dairy.  Chances are, that if you enjoy fish, you will have no problem ingesting enough.

  • Try a fillet of wild-caught Chinook salmon, a fish that boasts over 100% of your daily intake.  But a salmon dinner every night is hardly an option for most families.
  • Do you like Caesar salad or anchovy pizza?  Sardines are another excellent source.
  • Even cows milk has a good supply-just a cup of the drink contains almost 25% of your necessary allowance.
  • To wrap up your daily percentages, you can rely on fortified food from the grocery store-such as fortified milk, fortified orange juice, fortified yogurt, or fortified margarine.

While all of these are not nearly as beneficial as the previously mentioned sources, they can be used as a last resort to get the proper amount of the sunshine vitamin into your diet.

Of course, the all-around best option for your optimal intake of this crucial vitamin would be to spend more time outside.  If you are worried about turning as red as a lobster, consider the following method.  Start out for only two minutes in the sun on each side.  Lie down on the back porch on your back for two minutes-like you were having a short tan.  Then turn over and do your backside for the same amount of time.  Each day you can add a minute of sunshine to each side, until you reach the suggested dosage of fifteen minutes a day.  Using this method will help your body adjust to the sun gradually, instead of frying to a crisp the first time you go out.  And believe me, just three minutes in the sun daily will do more for your whole well-being than just a Vitamin D supplement.

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