What are the Risks of a Vitamin B12 shot? Part 3

B12: Is it right for you?

In addition to sublingual B12 vitamins there is also the option of receiving a traditional B12 shot. Similar to other injections and vaccines a B12 shot is given with a needle by a health care professional. Though the shot is only mildly painful, there are some side effects. Most of the side effects reported are not severe though they are important to consider when planning to receive the shot regularly.

The side effects listed below have only been linked to a vitamin B12 shot and have not been linked to any of the sublingual B12 supplements when taken orally.

Some of the side effects reported include:

Mild cases of diarrhoea and loose bowel movements: This of course is a result of the cobalt an iron component in the shot and can be alleviated by limited the amount of fibre ingested and by taking an over the counter relief tablet.

Anxiety and panic attacks: Though most people experience higher energy and a positive shift in their mood after receiving a vitamin B12 shot, there are some patients who will experience the opposite. Most of the reported incidences involved individuals who may have had a complication or adverse effect due to other prescribed medications.

Heart Palpitation: a common side effect of almost all injections, a vitamin B12 shot can cause the heart to race and beat harder for a short time.

Insomnia: Similar to those who experience anxiety, those who have trouble sleeping after receiving a B12 shot most likely have experienced a complication involving other medications.

Skin Rash, Hives, and Swelling: A mild skin reaction is common when receiving any kind of injection or needle. The skin related side effects which have been reported following a vitamin B12 shot are mild and in most cases are a reaction from the preservatives used in the shot and not the B12 itself.

Heart Problems: Most specialists and physicians will not recommend a vitamin B12 shot for any patients who have undergone heart surgery in the past. One of the many benefits of B12 is its ability to strip build up from the arterial walls, for those who have has heart surgery this may lead to the narrowing of the arteries and issues surrounding the function and effectiveness of heart alterations.

And finally, in addition to the side effects listed above there is also concern surrounding any patients who may have sensitivity to cobalt, the active agent in most vitamin B12 shots. This sensitivity can lead to more serious side effects and could cause discomfort and distress.

If you are unsure about your cobalt sensitivity, past heart surgery or are concerned with this or any other possible side effects speak to your doctor before receiving a vitamin B12 shot, sublingual vitamin b12 may be a better choice and only your health care professional can help you make an informed choice.

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