The Benefits of a Vegan Diet Plan

While it is often touted as an inadequate diet plan that lacks in proteins and other vital nutrients, the vegan diet plan is, in all respects, a legitimate way to stay healthy and eat well. It does indeed take just a little bit of extra effort to get every ounce of protein that your body needs; and yes, sometimes supplements are necessary. Yet even with these limitations, the vegan diet is perhaps one of the healthiest ways ever to get your dietary needs.


What is “Vegan”
First, it is important to know exactly what a vegan diet means. The term “vegan” itself is often confused with a very similar term, vegetarian. A vegan diet is one that does not consume anything that is animal based whatsoever. This means that milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, meat, yogurt, and everything else dairy or meat related is off limits. A vegetarian diet, on the other hand, is a wide umbrella term that does allow exceptions to the vegan rule.

Pros and Cons
Now let us take a look at vegan diet pros and cons. The vegan diet benefits are indeed many. First, a vegan diet generally means that your body will be more neutrally balanced. It will not have the acids that come from eating red meat, dairy, or processed foods. Secondly, the vegan diet helps prevent a host of illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and much more. Every aspect of your body’s health can be improved, from the condition of your skin to your body odor to your allergies and more.

The cons of such a diet are often touted to be serious threats to the health of the dieting person. For example, many folks say that vegans do not get enough B12 in their diet. This is true; however, most vegans supplement with a multivitamin that supplies more B12 than they need. The same is true of iron intake. Since most people’s iron comes from red meat and other meat sources, it can be difficult for a casual vegan to get enough into the diet. However, if you are careful to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals and that you are taking supplements for what you are not getting enough of, the vegan diet is excellent.

Sample Menu
Here is a sample menu for one day on the vegan diet. Remember, your own creativity is how you will discover exactly what you enjoy.

Breakfast: Bowl of fruit, whole grain toast with all-natural peanut butter.

Lunch: Big salad, bowl of vegetarian soup, and brown rice.

Dinner: Vegetarian Pizza or zucchini pasta with marinara sauce.

This is just a sample menu; the options for meals are nearly limitless. With so many benefits and a good multivitamin, a vegan diet is well worth the effort. Head to the produce section and get started today.

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