Unhealthy Foods Equal Unhealthy Consequences

If the typical American diet could be summed up in two words, they would have to be “food stuffs.”  The chemical compounds that make up the staples of fast food, convenience, and freezer-burned meals can hardly be called real food.  Just imagine what a little Zulu girl—strong, robust, and healthy—would think of white flour:  no substance, no taste, no nourishment.  Hardly real food.  Unhealthy foods have, sadly, become the bulk of the American way of eating; and unfortunately, many of those staples are wreaking unseen havoc on the American population in a way that most doctors do not address.  The safest and healthiest way for your family to avoid the common ills of today is to be aware of the food that you consume before eating it.

White flour is perhaps one of the biggest culprits on America’s health today.  Think of the white powder this way:  when you mix it with water, it becomes a sticky mess.  Let it harden, and soon you have quite a cleaning job on your hands.  In fact, white flour paste was often used for a glue substitute in days bygone.  Now just imagine what it must be doing inside your own colon.  That’s right, nothing more than gluing up the inside of your intestinal tract and preventing real nutrients from being absorbed.  Layers upon layers of “glue” accumulate, and create a breeding ground for plenty of bacteria and other invaders.  Most people try to stop a sickness as soon as it starts, when really all that is going on is pathogens are cleaning out all the garbage and trash accumulated in your systems from your diet.  The American diet is famous for its junk food qualities, and also its lack of nutrients—both of which will contribute to sickness and disease.

Take white sugar for another example.  Most doctors will not tell you this, but the main cause of osteoporosis in America today is white sugar.  After “got milk?” campaigns from the American medical establishment, women began drinking plenty of cow’s milk to get their daily required amount of calcium.  Turns out today they are still getting osteoporosis in even greater numbers.  Why?  White sugar actually leaches out the calcium accumulated in your bone structure.  So if you are drinking plenty of milk but eating plenty of white sugar at the same time, chances are you’re not doing your body a bit of good.  White sugar is infamous for leaching out calcium and minerals that could otherwise be doing your body good.

These two foods that are not healthy are perhaps the most-used staples in most people’s pantry.  They are silently doing more damage than even the doctors are aware of.  Look around for other alternatives that will build your body, not tear it down.  The Standard American Diet is not the way to live; eat real food, and throw out the unhealthy foods where they belong!

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