To Juice or Not to Juice

There has always been a lot of controversy as to whether or not juicing is a good way to eat fruit.  And when I say juicing, I don’t mean drinking packaged juices – I am talking about making your own juices using a juicing machine (or a blender and a strainer). When it comes to making healthy foods into a wonderful drink, the options are endless!

The truth is, as it often tends to be, somewhere in between.  If more than 50% of your fruit and vegetable servings are coming from your favorite juicing recipes, then that is probably too much.  The main reason being that you are not getting enough fibre.  Unfortunately, juicers remove ALL pulp from fruit – this makes for great juices, but not overly healthy snacks.  You still get most of the vitamins and minerals, so in that sense they are healthy.  But you should still get a large quantity of fibre from fruits and vegetables daily.

Another thing to keep in mind is that juices are sweet.  You are getting a lot of sugar, and although it is natural sugar, you shouldn’t be drinking 3 or 4 large glasses of fruit juice a day.  If you really like to drink juice, substitute some of the fruit juices for vegetable juices.  They have far less sugar and even more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

If you do really enjoy juices, then a glass of fresh made fruit juice is excellent.  I can’t think of a better way to start the day than a strawberry-orange-pink grapefruit juice to start the day with a bowl of granola.  If you have a long day at work, this will keep you going forever.  Getting bored of your juices?  Look around for some different low fat gourmet fruit juices. These often involve a mix of fruit and vegetables, and are delicious, healthy, low-calorie and something with which you can’t lose.

Don’t have a juicer? Many juices can be made with blenders and a strainer – or, don’t use the strainer and you’ll get more fibre!

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