4 Forgotten Tips to Lose Weight!

Hundreds of thousands of people are trying to lose weight at any given time. These people, whether they are successful or not will often offer many tips for weight loss. While tips to lose weight are endless, the two most popular ways to lose weight are these, either alone or in combination:

-diets (usually crash diets)


The disadvantages of low calorie diets hopefully speak for itself.  And going to the gym can be expensive and time consuming, and also isn’t meant for everybody. Luckily, there are less drastic, time-consuming and much simpler tips for long-term weight loss. You can read these below:

Eating and losing weight – Tip 1: Use small dishes

If your dishes, bowls, cups and scales are smaller than normal, then you can put less food on your dish and therefore consume less calories per meal. It might take a while to get used to, but after a while your body adjusts. What you can’t put on your plate you can’t eat. It’s that simple.

Eating and losing weight – Tip 2: Use smaller cutlery

The smaller your cutlery, how smaller your bites of food will be. This is good because you will take longer to eat your food. Your body takes a while to send the signal to your brain that you are full, this delay makes people over eat, because they didn’t have that signal it so they don’t know that there are already full. So, when you take longer to eat your food you are less likely to over eat and stuff yourself.

Eating and losing weight – Tip 3: Chew well

The better you chew your food, the longer it takes to eat  a whole meal. Like the tip above, this one will help you to get that signal of being full on time. Also, when chewing extensively, your body can process and absorb the nutrition much better.

Eating and losing weight – Tip 4: Eat consciously

When you are eating, don’t get distracted by a television, newspaper, or magazine. If you are conscious of what you eat, and how much you eat, then you will eat just enough. On the other hand, when you are distracted from your meal, you may eat much more than you need. An example of this might be that mountain of chips you ate last time you watched a movie. So try to be conscious of what you eat.

These weight loss tips came from a good dutch diet program called: Het mentale dieet plan While these tips are not new, they are often forgotten or overlooked as successful tools that you can lose weight and keep it off. Good habits take a while to form, but last a lifetime once you master them.

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