What are the Benefits of Sublingual Vitamin B12? Part 2

B12: Is it right for you?

For those who need B12 to remain healthy, the availability of sublingual vitamin b12 was a welcomed development. For these patients it meant no more painful injections and the security in knowing that their bodies were absorbing one hundred percent of the vitamin’s benefits.

When taken as a tablet any vitamin has to travel through the body’s digestive system before being distributed into the blood stream. This of course is not the case with sublingual vitamin B12 as it is either a dissolving tablet or a few drops of liquid which are placed onto or under the tongue. Due to the fact that the vitamin is absorbed immediately into the blood stream the effects are instant and the vitamin intake is quick, clean, painless and convenient.

However, quick intake and convenience are not the only positive benefits of taking sublingual vitamin B12. There are also numerous health related benefits which are both physical and mental.

For example:

Sublingual vitamin B12 is known to increase the body’s energy level and is often recommended to those who have struggled with fatigue.

Sublingual vitamin B12 has also been shown to improve memory and alertness in elderly patients. It has also been used to counteract the harsh symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

B12 also has many effects of the brain and can help to control numerous mood disorders including PMS, depression and anxiety.

B12 has the ability to lower the body’s development of Homocysteine, the amino acid which leads to build up and damage of arterial walls. For this reason sublingual B12 vitamins are often used with patients who are at high risk of heart disease.

Sublingual B12 vitamins are also recommended for those who struggle with clarity of thoughts, problem solving and rational thinking. Whether caused by a disorder or by an uncontrolled sleeping pattern, B12 has been shown to relieve many psychological symptoms and has eliminated the need for prescriptions.

To find out more about sublingual B12 vitamins please continue with Part 3 of our report or visit your family doctor for advice and recommendations.

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