Sublingual B12: Is it right for you? Part 1

What is sublingual B12?

When researching vitamin supplements it is easy to become confused and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available. Often the most concerning issue is finding trustworthy information from a legit and reputable source. As with all vitamins and supplements it is important to speak to your physician before you begin to take sublingual B12.

As far as vitamins are concerned B12 is a newer discovery. Also called Cobalamin, sublingual B12 is a water soluble vitamin which influences the brain, nervous system and the body’s production of blood.

Discovered between 1920 and 1928 by a number of scientists including George Whipple, William Murphy and George Richard Minot B12 was found more by accident than by scientific studies. The deficiency of B12 was linked in the past to many fatal anaemic diseases. When the cure for anaemia was eventually linked to Iron intake, studies were then improved and the benefits of vitamin B12 were discovered and put to use.

Today, individuals use sublingual B12 to increase their energy level and to improve their overall health. The benefits and effects of B12 are fast acting and extremely noticeable. When using a sublingual b12 supplement, many people will experience an increase in awareness; they will feel more energetic and will even experience an increase in appetite, memory and a sudden positive change in mood.

Unlike more traditional vitamin supplement, sublingual B12 is a dissolving tablet that you place under you tongue. This immediate dissolving action allows for the vitamin to be released directly into the body’s system without having to travel through the digestive track. As a result the effects of the sublingual B12 are instantaneous.

Though sublingual B12 shots are available, it is also possible to ingest B12 through a balanced and nutritious diet. Foods which contain B12 include poultry, beef, fish, eggs and all milk products. The food which contains the most B12 is beef liver. Eggs are also considered a great source of Vitamin B12, but the truth is they also contain an agent which blocks the body’s absorbency, making it very difficult to reap the benefits. Due to the fact that most B12 rich foods are animal products, B12 deficiency is always a concern for those who have committed to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

If you feel that sublingual B12 may be right for you please continue to read Part 2 and 3 of this in-depth report or see your doctor for further information.

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