Onions and How To Store Them

The capability to buy and store the amount of groceries may be a great way of saving money and storing onions is one of the examples. It is practical to be economical and make the best use of every dollar by reusing, recycling and even by buying foods and vegetable in bulk quantities to stretch your budget further and it is very essential when you want to manage your household effectively.

If you store properly the onions can lasts for 2 months. It is cheaper to store onions and they lasts long. Storage onions have thick, dark skins and you can place them in cool, dry areas where there is good ventilation which help the onions to last long. Moreover the tight necks of the storage onions also help them last long. You can store onions in a variety of ways. You can hang in breathable mesh bags or place them separately on shelves or paper bags. Paper bags are cheap and you can achieve easy removal and airflow by cutting the bags in half. It is not advisable to use the plastic containers as they promote the growth of molds and damage the onions as well.

While you search the net you will find much information on how to store vegetables and the person’s house or business environment will decide the best storage method. Various places of storing the onions include the basements, roomy pantries as well as the clean area of your garage. You must check the onions on a regular basis to remove any discolored or damaged onions and prevent the entire lot of onions from getting damage. Learning how to keep onions fresh, dry and safely stored can be an educational and interesting experience and there are various books on the subject to serve the purpose. The benefits of onions are innumerable and many household remedies are known to most of the people.

Having onions stored are useful for cooking as they are great additions in many recipes. Hence it is handy to have them available when you need it for cooking.

Sweet onions are king and are available as Vidalia, Imperial and Walla-Walla. They last 4 to 6 weeks in storage and consumers must plan on buying them in small quantities to avoid wastage and damaging of these onions which are usually high priced.

Storing onions is an easy, convenient, practical habit for a healthy life and for balanced budget for big as well as small families.

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