A Recipe for Cooking Quinoa

If you are looking to change your diet for the better, you can experiment with a variety of healthy foods. Quinoa, for example, is one way that you can eat healthier. Although it is not a true grain, it cooks very much like rice. In fact, the basic recipe and directions for cooking quinoa and rice is more or less the same.

Here are a few tips to help you cook quinoa:

You take one cup of quinoa and one and a half cups of water and put it in a pot to bring to a boil. You have the option of putting a little salt but it will taste just fine without it. After a few minutes the water will bubble up and then you’ll know that the water has boiled. Put the lid back on and reduce the heat. Allow the quinoa to simmer for a few minutes. When it has turned white and fluffy, you’ll know it’s ready. In all, it takes only about 15 minutes.

To put more flavor into your cooked quinoa you could try using it as an addition to some of your favorite recipes. It has a nice hearty texture that can be very good for most any dish. It can add depth to soups and stews. It can add texture to salads. And it can stand alone as a main dish component. One very easy tip is to try substituting quinoa for grains in common recipes. Another tip is to add it in various dishes as an additional ingredient. Quinoa is not overpowering and can be a nice addition to any dish. Take your basic black bean recipes, for example. This is an excellent recipe to try experimenting with quinoa because these recipes almost always have a bit of a sauce. And quinoa is very good in absorbing all those liquid flavors. Black beans are also very creamy when cooked so the quinoa can both be a complement and a contrast in texture. The creamy seed will be the complement and the crunchy germ can provide the contrast.

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