Raw Food Diet: The Advantages

Raw food diet foods is generally referred to as the food intake in its purest form and the present day cooking and frying is not done at all on this food items. A food in its least cooked form and having all nutritious value, it is known for is the best raw food diet.

The Raw food diet comprises of organically produced fresh vegetables (organic fertilizer reduces risk of harmful chemicals), fruit, nuts (without frying), sprouts, beans, coconut milk etc. Not to forget that drinking sufficient water is very important for good health and skin. However, the raw diet should deliver sufficient calories to give all the energy that is required for normal metabolic activities and is in no way synonymous to “going on a diet”. Since the taste of the food is increased by the presence of fat in the preparation (reason why restaurants use a lot of oil and butter), raw food may taste a bit flat because of minimal cooking involved. It’s always wise to avoid harmful fats which increases cholesterol and leads to blocked blood vessels. Raw food diet eliminates these health hazards and is also easy on the digestive system. Raw diet food thus helps in recharging the body, adds lesser toxins and the effect can be seen in the form of increased levels of energy, glowing skin, low stress and a feel of mental and physical freshness.

In should be borne in mind while cooking the food at temperatures above 1160 F would spoil the vitamins and enzymes found in leafy vegetables. To preserve this nutritional value, do not overcook, but, remember to wash the vegetables in clean water and to drain them before consumption. Cooking at a reasonable temperature is sufficient to destroy harmful glycosides but not essential fatty acids like Omega 3. It is also advisable to consume fruits as a whole because extracting juice out of them takes away the natural fibers present in them. Embracing a raw food diet is a good way to remain healthy and fit.

Another form of eating raw food is in form of salad with various ingredients mixed in different proportions or making a smoothie in a blender, now for smoothies best blender is osterizer 14 speed blender and if you plan to go for the first option that right blender to get the best raw food type is cuisinart CSB-76 smart stick hand blender.

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