Rapid Weight Loss Diet: Is There a Healthy One?

Many women, from time to time, have reasons for considering embarking on a rapid weight loss diet. Many times, when women want to lose weight fast, they will turn to tricks that unfortunately do nothing but compromise their health over time. Fortunately, there are healthy ways to achieve rapid weight loss, but they should be taken seriously, carefully considered, and not relied upon as a normal dietary framework.

The first thing to do when considering among the many rapid weight loss diets is to get a physician on board. There is nothing more frustrating than to embark upon a strict diet designed to help drop pounds, only to find that the diet plan can compromise overall health. It is important to look at any preexisting conditions, like diabetes or thyroid function, that may impact the body’s metabolic rate or function. Once health has been cleared and a doctor’s support achieved, some diets for rapid weight loss to consider may include a high-protein or low-glycemic index diet. Both diets can jump-start the body’s metabolic rate to a higher level, sending it into temporary overdrive.

A high protein diet can be beneficial in that it creates a feeling of satiety, or fullness that lasts longer than a lower-protein diet. Since the body relies on protein as fuel to power it through the day, it is quite possible to lower the quantity of overall caloric intake while not compromising on quantity of protein in someone’s diet. Frustrations from feeling hungry are less likely to occur, since the higher protein content leads someone to fill fuller for a longer period, unlike calorie-reducing diets that reduce protein content as well. Reducing weight using an extremely Atkins-based diet is not recommended without the oversight of a doctor.  However, incorporating some of its elements, namely, the hallmark higher protein content in proportion to fats and carbohydrates, is a pragmatic way to lose a fair amount of weight in a short amount of time and thus can be considered a quick weight loss diet.

Lately, more research has been done on the benefits of low-glycemic index (or low GI) diets. Apparently, eating foods with a low GI content can lead to feeling fuller for a longer period of time.  Endocrinologists suggest that eating foods such as high fiber breads, most fruits and vegetables, and milk lead to sugars being released into the bloodstream at a much lower rate than foods with a higher GI content.  There seems to be a correlation between eating carbohydrates containing a lower GI index and weight loss, versus those with a higher GI content. The correlation comes from the fact that the speed of release of sugars into the bloodstream affects the hormone production that regulates hunger and appetite.

There are advantages to both a high protein and low glycemic index (GI) diet plans when it comes to losing weight fast.  While women should not drastically cut caloric intakes or deny their nutritive needs, when coupled with a doctor’s supervision and support, either plan can be successful as a rapid weight loss diet plan.

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