Quick Weight Loss Diets: Friend or Foe?

In the microwave society that dominates the media today, where everything needs to happen instantaneously and given to people on demand, quick weight loss diets are in high demand.  People are unwilling to wait for things anymore, including on how much time it takes to get back into the size 6 jeans that they once owned.  Doctors caution against the diet pills and laxatives that are so heavily marketed in nearly every store across America.  Not only are many of these pills dangerous for the body, but most have them have not been approved or even evaluated by the FDA.  In addition, these pills often confuse the consumer’s metabolism and the person regains the weight soon after ending the pills.

There are several suggestions for shedding the pounds quickly and one such tip is to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as this helps to cleanse the body and remove excess water weight.  It is also more helpful if meals are not eaten at simply, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but instead add several smaller meals throughout the day.  Along with these meals, fruits and vegetables should be eaten on a daily basis, and eating late at night should be avoided at all costs.  Eating late at night causes the food to lay on the stomach all night long, undigested, which increases fat.

Above all, exercise should always be a part of every diet, whether the individual is trying to lose weight quickly or over time, as exercise helps to speed up the body’s metabolism.  People often eat simply out of boredom, so increasing or, in some cases, just adding exercise to the daily routine will eliminate that propensity for eating without hunger.

A fruit supplement that is often recommended by doctors and experts is the Acai Berry, the reason being that the fruit helps the body to fight calories and is more effective in keeping weight off in the long run.  Using the Acai Berry regularly in the diet is more effective than using laxatives for an extended amount of time and healthier for the body.

There is a book formerly on the market and now available online entitled, The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet, which documents the best foods to eat while dieting.  Some of these are high protein foods are chicken, turkey, fish, and cottage cheese.  The book is derived from the premise that the body needs to drastically limit the carbohydrate intake, so that it starts to burn stored fat, which is where the rapid weight loss early on occurs.  This is just one example of the many books and materials that have been produced over the years to aid in the weight loss process for consumers.  Doctors and medical experts strongly advise people not to starve themselves, but to instead cautiously watch what they eat and incorporate exercise into their daily routine.  In essence, eating healthy, cutting carbohydrates and exercising is the best out of all the quick weight loss diets that people can use to trim down.

All in all it really isn’t quick weight loss that is the enemy, it is the methods used to lose those pounds that is the foe.

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