Quick Ways to Lose Weight: 3 Tips

As stated in our last post: Everyone is looking for easy ways to lose weight! We want it to be fast and we want it to be quick. Let’s face it though, quick ways to lose weight may be in our face everyday as this diet and that diet plan, but if we took 5 years to put on 50 pounds, we cannot expect to lose 50 pounds within a week. With that being said, there are some ways to lose weight that can help it come off more quickly as well as have it stay off for good. This includes changing unhealthy eating habits and embracing more healthy diet and food sources. Here are three tips:

Eat More Often

Getting into the habit of having a small meal or healthy snack every two to three hours is a good idea. The goal is to have the metabolism burning constantly throughout the day, with no downtime. The body’s furnace will be kept going with eating smaller quantities more frequently throughout the day. Considering the metabolism as a furnace, visualizing frequent meals as stoking the flames of the furnace. When too much time between eating intervals elapses, the flames of the furnace or the body’s metabolism can begin to die down. However, stopping to refuel can stoke the flames of the body’s furnace even longer.

Control Food Portions

Managing portions is also an effective way to lose weight quickly. Serving controllable portions is a good practice, as is getting up from the table when the feeling of fullness starts. If this feels unnatural at first, then it is a good idea to get into the habit of always leaving something on the plate during meals. Eventually, it will feel more natural and satisfying to consume smaller portions during meals. Many people swear by leaving the table while they are still somewhat hungry, though this is not necessary. Simply getting up from the table the instant that the feeling of fullness occurs is good enough. If unsure about whether or not the meal has been enough, it is a good idea to wait a few minutes to see if it has been. Often times, it takes a few minutes after the end of eating for the brain to process the feeling of satiety.


Learning to love exercise as a means of restorative play and way of managing stress is a very helpful way to lose weight quickly. When viewed as a chore, exercise can seem like a drag, but looked at through a different framework, exercise can regain the appeal that it had during childhood. Running, weight bearing activity, and aerobics are great activities, but can become seen as a chore when done repetitively. Some great activities that many remember and enjoy from childhood can lead to dramatic weight loss, including roller-skating, ballet, hula hooping, and jumping rope.  Why not revisit them? When activities are seen as enjoyment rather than a chore, people are prone to doing them more often.  Mixing up exercises and types of workouts is ideal.

Eating 5-6 meals throughout the day  in regular intervals, controlling food portions, and revisiting favorite childhood physical activities are innovative ways to stimulate both mind and body. When done on a consistent basis, they are reliable and quick ways to loose weight as well as keep the weight off for good!

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  • Renee Moody Jun 23, 2010, 4:35 pm

    so cann ya please get back to me n let me know why the heck ya should eat more often to lose weight. I have just always ate once to twice a day. that is what I have always been use to, so it is hard 2 eat a bunch in one day..

    I also am very picky food wise. I dont like any veggies but I do eat fruit. I take a veggie pill almost every day that I buy from GNC. would ya count that as a veggie..

    hope to hear back from you..

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