5 Tips for Making Perfect Protein Shakes

Making your own  homemade protein shakes is not only a healthy decision but also an economical one. Store brand fitness drinks can be quite expensive and when you are buying them regularly, your body may feel stronger but your bank account is sure to suffer. However, for some, making their own fitness drinks can be a challenge. They find that is next to impossible to achieve the right thickness and texture needed to truly enjoy their shakes regularly.

Mixing delicious and enjoyable protein shakes doesn’t have to be a losing battle; in fact making the perfect shakes is simply a matter of knowing which ingredients to add and which to take away. Here are a few pointers you can use when making your favorite protein shakes:

•    Do you find your shake too thin and watery?
Try adding a few pieces of frozen fruit or a tablespoon of instant sugar-free pudding mix. Either ingredient will help to thicken up your protein shakes and can also add some much needed sweetness.

•    Do you find your shake too thick?
Many protein shake powders contain artificial thickeners, and accidentally adding too much can result in a chocolate flavored paste rather than an appetizing drink. To avoid wasted protein powder and too-thick-to-drink shakes, consider using only a half a scoop or packet of protein product and use whey protein to make up for any lost protein value.

•    Do you prefer creamy protein shakes?

Try making your drinks using milks with a higher fat content such as 1 or 2 percent. You can also use whipping cream but only if your fitness level and amount of activity will allow for you to get away with it.

•    Do you have trouble with powders that won’t dissolve?
Powdery or gritty protein shakes are usually caused by the ingredients used in the powder itself. If you are struggling with sandy shakes, consider trying a different brand of powder. Products which advertise to be “instant dissolve” are usually the best.

•    Do you prefer sweet or fruity protein shakes?
Try adding a couple packets of artificial sweetener to your protein powder shakes. Another great way to add sweetness and flavor to your protein shake is to add a few pieces of fresh fruit such as banana, strawberries or even peaches. Fructose or fruit sugar is a lot sweeter than artificial sweeteners or ordinary table sugar. If you are looking to boost your shake’s sweet factor, fruit is the best way to go!

Protein shakes themselves are a way to supplement your diet in a healthy way. They can be considered as high protein snacks or as a meal alternatives, depending on what your fitness goals are. One great thing about making protein shakes is that you can change them up in many ways so that you do not get bored. You can change flavors, and add such things as fruit, coffee, flax seed, nuts, oatmeal, yogurt, cinnamon, and other healthy foods. Often these foods you add benefit you and make you feel good and going strong throughout the day. Make sure to choose foods that provide energy and you will be on your way to creating the best protein shake you can imagine.

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