The High on Diabetes, Part 1: The Benefits of a Pre-Diabetes Diet

Every year, thousands of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. Thousands receive prescriptions for insulin medications; but very few realize that with simply by following a pre diabetes diet and adding more exercise into their daily routine, they can effectively beat diabetes for life.  This series on diabetes will take us through the average stages of diabetes, from prediabetes and what you can do to prevent a full-blown case, to reversing the disease while in the thick of the blood sugar battle.  We will also share with you how to effectively manage your weight and even lose a few pounds of diabetic fat.  With this information you will be able to effectively begin your personal journey to better health.

Many people are unknowingly pre diabetic.  In a nutshell, pre-diabetes is defined as having blood sugar levels higher than normal but below levels considered diabetic.  Symptoms for pre diabetes are nearly identical to diabetic symptoms, and should be noted quickly.  They include symptoms such as excessive thirst, frequent urination, fluxes in weight, unexplainable hunger, infections of the skin, gums, bladder, and genitals, and several more.  If you notice these symptoms often, see your doctor to ascertain whether you are pre diabetic or not.

If you are pre diabetic, take heart.  It will be easier to reverse your body’s condition than if you had full-blown diabetes.  First,  take note of your diet.  This is perhaps the most important component of self-reversing diabetes.  Basically, on a pre diabetes diet, you will want to cut down on the amount of carbohydrates,  sugar, fat, and calories you are eating.  Some carbohydrates, such as white flour, white sugar (and most other processed carbs!), and soft drinks you will want to completely avoid because they will cause drastic spikes in your blood sugar levels, the exact situation you will want to stay away from.  If you truly want to reverse the diabetic trend, you must include plenty of vegetables and some fruits in your daily diet.  The more living and raw food you can feed your body with, the faster your body will heal.   People who have gone on raw food diets, on full diabetes medication, have been able to reverse their own diabetes within months by simply eating raw and living foods.

A pre diabetes diet plan will include foods such as chicken, eggs, vegetables, whole grains in moderation, and some fruits.  Green leafy vegetables are superb veggies to include in a pre diabetic diet, as are cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and many other members of the veggie family.  One tip that may help you in both portion size and food choices is to use the plate method:  using a normally sized plate, fill half the plate with vegetables.  Divide the other half into half again, and fill one side with whole-grain carbohydrates, and the other half with a lean meat.  This is an excellent way to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need and nothing more.   These simple tips will help you form your own pre diabetic diet and enable you to conquer a disease that many experience every day.

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