The Beauty of Pork

If you are looking for a great healthy food item that isn’t well known, you may want to consider pork loin. It is the healthiest cut of red meat, and is very low in fat. It is flavorful, and easy to find, very cheap, and just down right amazing!! You’ll be happy to know as well that good Pork loin recipes are easy to come by.

There are different types of pork loin that you can buy, so if are looking for something simple to prepare, healthy, and low-in fat, then look for boneless pork loin recipes as they are the way to go. By not having a bone, the loin cooks much faster, and is easier to serve.

Chefs, moms and grandmas around the the world experiment with pork loin in many ways because of its versatility.  BBQ, fried, oven roasted, boiled for hours in a stew, stuffed, served with berries, mustard or honey, these are just some of the typical ways that pork is prepared.  It can be served for a fancy dinner with guests, a romantic dinner with your loved one, or you can even use it as a quick healthy meal for your kids.

Here is what you need to know when cooking pork: the secret lies in the quality of pork loin you buy and the ability to cook it just right. The best results come from a perfectly cooked loin because and an overcooked one is a real killer. So how long should you cook it?  That all depends on size – what you need to keep in mind, is that pork loin should be cooked till 150 degrees, and be slightly pink on the inside. Think “medium” in the sense that there is a slight bit of pink, just like in a medium cooked piece of beef.  After removing it from the oven, it should be wrapped in aluminum foil and should wait for at least fifteen minutes before serving.

Practice makes perfect, so go look for an appetizing recipe, and get cooking!

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