Perfect Grilled Pizza in 10 Easy Steps

If you like store-bought or take-out pizza, you’re going to love grilled pizza! The deliciously crispy, yet chewy golden brown crust under a layer of smoky toppings and melted cheese is simply irresistible. And if choosing healthy foods is important to you, then you have to read on! You can make this recipe into a very pleasing AND healthy one for you and your family.

From preparing the dough to serving your pizza to guests, these 10 easy steps will have you grilling the perfect pizza in no time.

1. Start with good quality pizza dough. Most supermarkets sell dough either fresh or frozen or you could take a little bit of extra time and make the dough yourself. Appliances like the Cuisinart Food Processor or the Panasonic Bread Maker make this task very, very easy to do.

2. Preheat your grill while you are preparing your toppings. Be sure to have everything ready that you want to add to your pizza. A table beside the grill is handy if you want to add your toppings grill side.

3. For the best grilled pizza, keep the crust thin. You want it to have a nice balance of crispy and chewy. If the crust is too thick it will not cook thoroughly and it will be doughy.

4. Don’t go overboard with your toppings. Remember, your crust will be thinner than usual so if you overload it with toppings it will sag, rip or get soggy.

5. Use the proper tools to handle your pizza. While it is on the grill, long tongs or a pizza peel will come in very handy to rotate the pizza.

6. Check your dough often – a thin pizza crust is easy to burn. Frequent peeking at the underside of your dough will let you know the perfect time to take it off the grill.

7. If bubbles appear in your dough while the pizza is cooking, use your tongs and pop them.

8. If you are using a small or portable grill, make your pizza a little smaller than usual. Don’t try to make one large pizza on a small grill. It is better to divide the dough and make two smaller ones instead. Besides, this offers more variety of toppings!

9. Remove your pizza carefully from the grill. Lift up one edge of the pizza and slide it gently onto a cutting board or pizza pan for serving. You may want to dust the board or pan with a bit of flour or cornmeal first so the pizza is less likely to slide off.

10.Enjoy the best pizza you have ever eaten. Friends and family will be begging you for more – guaranteed!

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