Organic Wholesale Foods For A Healthy Life

By now, the virtues of organically grown foods must be common knowledge for nearly everyone. Given the advantages of eating healthy with a whole food diet that was grown in carefully monitored conditions, shouldn’t we all be considering buying organic food wholesale?

Those already committed to a diet of healthy food will enjoy the extra savings allowed by purchasing wholesale organic foods, while those converting to a more natural diet of lower processed foods should be delighted with the variety of flavors and brands available at reasonable prices.

One option for finding organic wholesale food is through a local health food co-op. Many co-ops have a food buyer who places orders monthly for the needs of many people, while taking advantage of a lower price for making larger orders. Some cooperatives charge 5-10% of the purchase price to cover supplies and management. Even so, the savings are noticeable, plus the added benefit of reducing CO2 emissions by pooling resources.

Another great way to find organic wholesale foods is to buy directly from the farmers. Many cities and towns have one or more local farmers’ markets where growers, dairy farmers, and bee keepers will bring their home-harvested goods to be sold by the pound, basket, or case. Eliminating the grocery store as intermediary saves you money, makes the farmer more money, and saves resources that would be used in packaging and transport. Not to mention the number one most important quality: freshness. Products sold at the farmers’ market get to you faster and more directly, and you’ll taste the difference.

Finally, many health food stores have bulk sections where you can find prices comparable to wholesale on organic grains, flours, nuts, and dried fruits, among other things. Online retailers often ship wholesale organic foods to locations worldwide.

Buying organic wholesale food has lots of benefits and can be inexpensive, if one is willing to be a bit resourceful. By purchasing healthy foods from a variety of sources, you can save, help the environment, and support a sustainable system of food production.

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