Is the Extra Cost for Organic Protein Powder Worth It?

Organic protein powder provides several assurances that you don’t otherwise have with your protein supplement. It ensures that the food fed to the cows is free of pesticides and that the cows themselves are free of growth hormones. Since these things and their by products are unhealthy for human consumption, it makes sense to try to avoid them if you can. In addition, organic whey protein powder has been shown to have a higher percentage of naturally occurring protein than the non-organic variety.

Deciding whether to shell out the additional cost for this organic seal is an interesting decision. Of course you want to eat healthy, but you have to justify that the small, hypothetical benefit of an organic product justifies the ten to fifteen percent increase in cost. If the price was the same and everything else was equal, choosing the healthier option is a no brainer.

Weighing your choices is the best way to decide. If an extra couple dollars doesn’t affect your budget and you’d prefer an organic product then it is definitely worth going for it. If you find yourself cash strapped, just buy the best protein powder that you can afford. The cows may not have been grass fed, but chances are that the cows that produced the milk and cheese you ate earlier in the day weren’t grass fed either.

There are excellent benefits to buying these slightly more regulated products, but they aren’t always the right answer. Most health conscious people considering buying a protein supplement realize that the healthy food they eat is fuel for their body. You should put in the premium fuel if you can, but the body will run on regular unleaded if it has to. You can always make up for the difference by attempting to eat healthier during the other parts of your day.

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