Oolong Tea: A Twist On Green Tea, With Benefits

If you have never heard of oolong tea, take heart. You are in the company of many, including the author herself. However, after researching this amazing tea, we have discovered plenty of benefits that just might help it make your “Favorite Tea” list.


Interestingly enough, oolong tea is actually very similar to your typical green teas. In fact, it comes from the same plant that your looseleaf green teas come from; the main difference between the two kinds of tea is the process by which they are prepared for the market. Oolong tea leaves are bruised and fermented before being packaged. That is a very basic way to state its refining process; however, let us move on to its benefits.

Oolong tea benefits are just beginning to be discovered in full. More information on its health benefits are being found on a regular basis. That being said, there are several good things that we know can happen from drinking the tea.

First, oolong tea helps you to control your weight. Yes, this does mean that any oolong tea weight loss associations are correct. Its activation of certain enzymes contributes to your fat-burning metabolism and speeds it up. Drink daily for best results.

Oolong tea can also help with the eradication of eczema. When clients with this skin disorder drank three cups of the tea three times a day, it was found that their skin condition rapidly improved in less than two weeks. It is important to note that the eczema-afflicted individuals did drink a substantial amount of tea during those weeks–nine cups a day, and we recommend checking with your healthcare provider first before trying to treat yourself.

This tea is rich in antioxidants. In fact, because of this oxidizing power, it helps to promote good bone density and strong teeth. In addition, it will help your body grow at a healthy pace.

All of us have heard of free radicals. Well, when you drink a cup or so of oolong tea every day, these harmful compounds are quickly eliminated. Because of this, the anti-cancer benefits of oolong tea are such that should make us want to at least give the tea a try.

Free radicals are the beginnings of a cancerous condition. If you already have a cancer, begin drinking this tea right away. Studies have shown that doing so dramatically reduces your chances of getting several different kinds of cancer, including skin, stomach, and others.

In addition to all these benefits, oolong tea is the perfect substitute for those who love coffee but are wanting to cut back on the caffeine. One cup of the tea contains only 15% of the caffeine that a cup of coffee has. With the added bonus of reducing stress and helping individuals unwind, oolong tea is perfect for the end-of-the-day, relaxing cup of hot tea.

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