Nutritious And Plentiful Is What Our Teens Need

At a time in their lives when their bodies are changing and they are just beginning to bud into the individuals they will one day be, teens and tweens need nutritious meals and snacks. They could also benefit from a special health regimen to control all that acne, that painful period, or emotional swings. Keep the following tips in mind as you consider just what your teenager needs nutritionally.


First, let us start with the regimen. I understand that few people really enjoy taking pills–so if your teenager is one of those folks, resort to teas. Herbs that will help your teenager get through those tough couple of years include red raspberry leaf, blessed thistle, and lobelia. It is handy to simply brew up a gallon of red raspberry leaf tea and, sweetened with honey, keep in the refrigerator for a refreshing after-school drink.

The second component of a teenage supplement regimen is to drink plenty of water. It is possible to clear up a stubborn case of acne simply by drinking plenty of water.

Lastly, their diet should be as healthful as possible. Think about it. Here is your daughter’s body, trying its very hardest to help her transition from a girl to a young woman, and she is being nurtured with school cafeteria pizza. No wonder our girls are having such bad cases of acne. No wonder the cramping is so painful. Please, send a nutritious meal along with your teenager so that your child’s body can grow at a healthy pace. Find what they will eat in the way of COLOR! Add easy to eat veggies and fruits such as baby carrots and strawberries.

Healthy foods for teenagers can go a long way toward helping them dream big. When they eat healthy foods, their minds are clear to dream big. Their bodies are ready to go with those dreams. In essence, they will have the vigor of youth that can be harnessed for so much good.

Here is some healthy food for teens. If your teen does not appreciate a tuna sandwich as your effort to dish out the carbs and protein, try a more exotic meal such as hummus and pita chips. Veggie sticks round out the meal. If they are sick of the daily chili can, cook outside your own comfort zone and provide a heart-warming, body-growing meal of chicken fajitas with all the fixings. Simple solutions such as this will give your teenager the food needed to enjoy a healthy life during their teen years.

Encourage them to choose and make their own lunches as well. Give them many choices of healthy ways to pack. Cafeteria lunch, or a run to the corner store is not only unhealthy, it can be expensive! Make sure they not only have enough healthy choices in their lunch, but also for after school too, especially if they are off to practice.

Healthy foods for teenagers need not be fancy. Really, the foods simply need to be healthful, nutritious, and tasty (after all, what kid loves the brussel sprouts?). Get out of the cafeteria-lunch mentality and feed them a meal they need and enjoy. Their bodies and the doctor’s bill will thank you for it.

Do you have ideas and suggestion for what you pack your kids for lunch? Leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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