The Natural Beauty Diet

By choosing to eat a well balanced diet rich in raw fruit and vegetables, you are supplying your body with all the right nutritional support it needs. This is a perfect diet when wanting to maintain your energy, as weight loss can be achieved without hunger pangs, fatigue and irritability, all symptom’s which are often associated with calorie controlled diets.  The natural beauty diet is about losing weight healthily. By eating an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fibre, easily digested proteins and life giving enzymes whilst losing weight, you are ensuring your body is getting all the nutrients it requires.  You  are also ensuring your body is not susceptible to dangerous subclinical vitamin deficiencies, which are often associated with an on/off again crash diet.  

 Foods that are rich in fibre are an important component of a successful diet. Fibre not only makes you feel full and satisfied, but it helps the body stabilise blood sugar levels, thus reducing feelings of hunger.  A diet rich in raw fruit and vegetables, is high in potassium, this means the foods are able to render the body more alkaline.  The by products of the average westernised diet that is rich in meat, sugar, coffee and processed foods makes the body a very acid environment and just like stress they tend to increase the acidity of the body’s blood.  Foods such as this taken over a long period of time can put considerable strain on the body’s natural mechanisms, as it tries to maintain its own proper alkaline/acid balance.  Slimming generally tends to render the blood more acidic because the by products, of fat burning does tend to be acid and this can make slimmer’s feel nervous and irritable. Fortunately the high potassium content of vegetables and some fruits, means they have the ability to help the body eliminate the unpleasant feelings of strain and nervousness and help you to remain calm, whilst pounds are shed.

Often people, who have been on this diet, stay on it long after weight loss has been achieved. For many, just by naturally increasing the number of fibre rich, fresh raw foods and enzymes into their diet they feel the health benefits almost immediately, so it is an easy transition to make, it’s simply just a psychological rebalancing that needs to take place in the body.

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