Need More Easy And Healthy Snack Ideas?

Many times people snack out of boredom rather than true hunger. Most everyone has had those moments where they open the refrigerator or pantry door and look for something to eat. If you have eaten fairly recently, you may want to close the door and get something to drink. Hot tea or chicken broth can help keep hunger at bay. If you have not just eaten and your next planned meal is a few hours away, then a snack maybe a good idea to help get you through to your next meal. Snacking can also ensure that when you do have your meal you do not go overboard and eat more than you had planned.


Choosing healthy snacks for weight loss can help you make your weight loss goals. Healthy snack recipes keep calories low, and include fiber and protein for satiety. The key is to plan ahead and prepare them, so when the munchies hit, you do not have to sabotage your diet.

Combining Foods for Satiety

Combining two or three items is best to make sure the snack will hold you over to your next meal. The old standbys like celery, carrots, and radishes are great, but sometimes not very filling. To make it more filling, make a dip out of a small container of non-fat greek yogurt with some spices added. Non-fat greek yogurt is a good source of protein and can be fat free. Dill is a nice addition and will not add many calories, or a little ranch dressing mix can be used to add flavor to the yogurt.

Nut Butter Balls for Sweet Cravings

For something a little sweeter, nut butter protein balls are easy to make and have protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied. One easy recipe calls for one cup of nut butter, like peanut butter or almond butter, one half cup of low-carb, low-fat protein powder in chocolate or vanilla, and a half cup of oats; mix the ingredients well and chill to firm. Anyone following a gluten-free diet can omit the oats and add ground almonds or peanuts for texture.

Muffin in a Mug

Another quick and filling snack is a muffin in a cup. Often referred to as a “one minute muffin,” it can be made savory or sweet by tweaking the ingredients. The basic recipe is to mix a quarter cup of ground flax meal, a half teaspoon of baking powder, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one egg, one to two tablespoons of butter, and sweetener like stevia or sucralose in a mug and mix thoroughly. Put the mug in the microwave and cook for one minute. There are many “one minute muffin” recipes available on the Internet that can fit into most diets. For example, replacing the butter with unsweetened applesauce keeps the muffin moist and reduces the fat content.

Quick Snacks

Hard-boiled eggs are nutritious, and when combined with a rye crisp it can be a nice, filling snack. Rice cakes are also a nice treat, but may spike blood sugar. Spread rice cakes with peanut butter or almond butter to slow the digestion process to help prevent a blood sugar spike.

Do you have some favorite healthy snacks? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and tell us what you like to snack on!

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