The Basics Of A Mediterannean Diet Plan

The Mediterranean Diet is a diet that is considered by many to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. It has been considered a way of life by natives along the Mediterranean Coast for hundreds of years, largely comprised of plant-based foods and oils.

With all the fame and hype surrounding this healthy diet, perhaps you are wondering just what is the Mediterranean diet. Here is a breakdown of the diet for you in simple layman’s terms.


The Mediterranean Diet depends heavily on plant-based foods and seasonal produce. Processed foods are rarely used, and preparation of each dish is minimal. This method of preparing food on the Mediterranean Coast eliminates many chemicals and unhealthy foods that are so prevalent in the American culture.

To make it even simpler for you, here is a Mediterranean foods list that will show you at a glance all of the delicious foods included in a typical diet.

*Whole Grains
*Olive Oil

Other foods are also used, although in smaller quantities and in moderation.


When used together, these macronutrients provide the building blocks for hundreds if not thousands of micronutrients that help the human body protect itself against heart disease and cancer. Likewise, a regular dose of physical activity is also very helpful to the diet.

Another factor that many scientists believe play a major part in the success of the Mediterranean diet is that the eating and dining atmosphere along the coast is very relaxed and leisurely. Contrast this with the harried, eat-on-the-run mentality, and you can easily see the benefits of such an atmosphere.

Any Mediterranean diet weight loss plan is only part of the benefits that you will enjoy by embarking on this program. It does help a body to lose weight. It also helps lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. The diet also helps lower your risk of getting metabolic syndrome, a condition which is known to cause high blood pressure, abdominal fat, and high blood sugar levels.

The physical benefits of using such a diet abound; others, however, are less subtle. When this diet is combined with the leisurely eating style of this part of the world, it shows promising results in the intangible areas of life as well. These intangibles include things such as more contentment, more alertness, and more vitality in their everyday lives. This is certainly not surprising; the healthier you are, the more active, alive, and at peace you will feel with your life in general.

In short, the Mediterranean Diet is such that will promote health and vitality in whatever family that it becomes a part of. With plenty of healthy protein, fats, carbohydrates, and exercise, good health is inevitable.

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