Will A Low Fat Diet Plan Work For You?

A low fat diet plan may be a great plan to lose weight for you depending how you are going to eat low fat foods. Low fat diets have got a bad rep over the last few years because many people claim they don’t work and that they actually gained weight while on one. There is a simple reason for this. If you decide to eat low fat and low calorie snacks, they cannot be the overly processed, high in sugar-type snacks. When you add sides to your main dishes you cannot add the low-fat, white, refined and/or starchy ones such as white rice, potatoes, and breads. The reason is that you will tend to remain hungry and/or eat more calories than you need if you choose foods such as these.

Be selective with your low fat snacks and sides! Make sure they are nutritionally dense and are foods with low glycemic index. Foods that have a low GI enter your blood stream more slowly making you feel fuller for longer periods of time. Use brown rice instead of white rice, yams instead of a white potato, and whole grain breads instead of white rolls and breads. Make sure you pile your plate high in veggies and fruits, and make sure you always steer towards low-fat (and low-sugar) dairy products. One last thing: you do need fat on a low fat diet! But make sure, however, to add your fat in smart and in small amounts. Use olive oil when cooking, add nuts or avocados to your salads, and choose lean cuts of beef and chicken.

Low fat diet plans can be greatly beneficial to your overall health because they may not only aid in weight loss, but do such things as improve good and bad cholesterol levels and help prevent heart disease. Creating a low fat diet meal plan will be important because then you will have a better idea of what is on your own personal list. You will have a personal plan of attack. One that includes a list of nutritionally dense low-fat foods, instead of ones that are just packed with sugar or super-refined flour and carbs. Finding a free low fat diet plan does not have to be difficult if you do not want to try and do it all on you own. Your local library can help as can an online resource such as Sparkpeople.com.

All in all, a low fat diet plan can really improve your health and aid in weight loss if done correctly.

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