Top 7 Low Cholesterol Foods

Bring down your cholesterol with these wonder-foods!

A low cholesterol diet can be very important for many. However, it can be hard to know which are low cholesterol foods and which are considered to have harmful fat contents. It seems every day there is a new food added to the long list of “do not eat” and very few are ever added to the “healthy and tasty options”.

But it is important to remember that choosing low cholesterol foods does not necessarily mean giving up on flavor or enjoyment. For the most part foods low in cholesterol are not only flavorful but delicious and even sweet!

Here is our list of low cholesterol foods. It is the top seven tastiest foods low in cholesterol!

Blueberries: Sweet, juicy and easy to snack on, blueberries are said to lower cholesterol as well as boost immunity and help with digestion. Shown in studies to be just as effective as some prescriptions, blueberries can not only lower cholesterol but stabilize it as well.

Pomegranate juice: This wonder-fruit is not only a low cholesterol food but is also believed to help prevent arterial plaque. Great for a detox cleanse and even as an ingredient in health drinks and juicer recipes, pomegranate juice is sweet, refreshing and flavourful.

Yogurt: Available in a variety of flavours, yogurt is a great alternative if you are searching for low cholesterols foods which satisfy a sweet tooth. Served with fresh fruit or even a whole grain granola, yogurt is simply a must for anyone battling high cholesterol.

Cran-grape juice: These low cholesterol foods are best enjoyed together! The grapes are believed to lower LDL cholesterols or “bad cholesterol” while the cranberries are believed to increase the levels of HDL or “good cholesterols”.

Green Tea: Known for its many health benefits of green tea is one of the best ways to reduce and control cholesterol levels. If you are not sure about enjoying a hot mug of this tea try it iced with some sweetener and lemon!

: Love guacamole? Now there is one more reason to double dip! This creamy and decadent treat will not only lower your cholesterol but will also supply you with many healthy fats and assist in the fight against heart disease.

Pistachios: Nuts are a great choice when looking for low cholesterol foods. They will help to control both your cholesterol levels and the mid-day munchies! If pistachios are not your preference (or you are trying to shop on a budget) there are also other nuts such as Walnuts or Pecans which may help to lower your cholesterol levels.

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