Low Carb Snacks: Need Some New and Fun Ideas?

For those of us who try and stay away from a simple granola bar snack on a daily basis, or a bowl of cereal every morning, low carb snacks absolutely must be yummy, filling, and nutritious.  

And those snacks shouldn’t be tied to the routine carrot sticks and apple slices from the produce drawer, either.  Check out the following exciting low carb snacks and see if any jump out to bite you!

Mozzarella Wraps
Here’s a fun idea that has almost no carbs-at least, no major sources of carbohydrates and sugars.  Try splitting a mozzarella cheese stick down the middle lengthwise and wrapping each half-stick with a piece of sliced deli meat such as turkey.  These yummy snacks are fabulous dipped in a little mustard, or with the addition of a thin tomato slice and lettuce leaf in the roll-up.  They’re quick and easy, too.

Tomato Snacks
Now everyone understands that fruits and vegetables are very vital to your health.  So do keep a few favorites in the produce drawer.  At my house, cherry tomatoes are definitely the first-place veggie winner.  We go through over two pounds of these little delights weekly (plus more regular tomatoes).   In fact, everyone loves them so much that we actually have to ration out the supplies! (We were SO relieved financially to find that Costco carried big ol’ cartons of these little cherubs!).  How about sprinkling cherry tomatoes over your cottage cheese? If you are not a big tomato fan, try snap peas. These are another favorite, with their crunchy, sweet, fresh goodness.

BLT Appetizers

How about a BLT without the bread?  These mini BLT appetizers are made of halved tomatoes that have been hollowed out and filled with a bit of bacon,  a sprig of lettuce, and a light drizzle of herbed mayonnaise dressing.  Perfect crowd pleasers for all!

Celery Unlimited!
Stuffed celery is another excellent way to enjoy many dishes normally associated with bread.  Take hummus, for example.  Hummus is typically associated with falafalel or pitas; but the benefits of hummus without the bread are even better for those who watch their carb intake.   It is wonderful when stuffed into a celery stick.  Same scenario for peanut butter, refried beans, or tuna salad.  Any of these can make a very satisfying snack with a couple sticks of celery.  And since you’re eating healthfully eliminating the carbs from your sandwiches, you ought to know that celery is one of the best sources of assimilable minerals that your body needs!

Yet another of the low carbohydrate snacks that can be stored in the fridge for several days is deviled eggs.  Simply add a little mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper to the hard-boiled egg yolks, mash together, and refill in the whites.  These are perfect two-bite snacks that can be quickly enjoyed on your way out the door.

Not just a plain pickle, try spreading cream cheese onto a piece of turkey lunch meat and then wrap it around a pickle! It is very good and crunchy. Don’t like cream cheese? Then eliminate it…it is still a good snack.

With delicious snacks available, it is much easier to stay away from the SAD fad snacks that are full of sugar and chemicals.  Even the rest of the family will start clamoring for more!

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