Incorporating Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas Into Your Morning

People often say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because most people need to head off to work, where they need a certain amount of energy to perform their tasks. Even people who do not work a full time job need energy in the morning to meet the demands of raising children or running errands. The trouble with busy people, is that they have a tendency to eat on the run. This means they are usually grabbing whatever they can find before heading out the door.


For those of you interested in eating healthier or who may be trying to lose weight, there are easy to prepare low calorie breakfast ideas available to help you. There are certain foods, which will provide you with the energy you want first thing in the morning. Choosing breads and cereals made with whole grains and low in sugar, will boost your energy levels in the morning.

Preparing Easy Morning Meals

Having a muffin, bagel, slice of toast or waffle made with whole grains will be a good base for an easy to make morning meal. People interested in reducing their calories can limit these items to a single waffle, one half of a bagel and one slice of toast. Adding natural fruits as toppings will also increase energy levels. Fresh strawberries, blueberries or peaches are great to add on top of a whole grain waffle.

Yogurt is also a food which is easy to prepare and can be grabbed in a hurry. There are a number of different yogurt brands on the market, which come in a variety of flavors. We recommend reading the label and choosing a plain Greek yogurt brand and sweetening with fruit, honey, or stevia. Most non-Greek brands could be slightly higher in calories or sugar content than what someone would want to have for their meal. As an alternative, people can purchase plain yogurt and add their own fresh fruit or cereal grains to create a more complete meal.

Preparing Breakfast for Families

Families often face different challenges when it comes to getting breakfast served in a busy household. There are low calorie breakfast recipes that can be made to satisfy the tastes of children. Making omelets and adding fresh vegetables will make an interesting breakfast, which will be visually appealing, satisfying and nutritious.

Delicious fruit smoothies can also be made using non-sugared Greek yogurt, milk and fresh fruit. These beverages appeal to kids and are very easy to prepare when you have a busy morning. If you freeze a banana to add to the smoothie, then your kids will get the milk-shake consistency that they will like.

If you are really racing the clock, try to have some hard boiled eggs handy. An egg only has about 70 calories, but gives you the lasting protein punch you will need to make it until mid-morning. It is WAY better than grabbing a dooughnut!

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