Losing Weight and Being Healthy The Easy Way

Many of us give up on diet programs because we think they are too complicated, too frustrating or we feel like we are depriving ourselves. Quite frankly diets don’t have to be that difficult, they really don’t. There are plenty of good things to eat that don’t make us fat, you just have to be aware of them.

For most of us creating a good healthy diet plan is simple, if you are too busy you may want to choose a pre-packaged diet like Medifast instead (and use a Medifast coupon to save a few dollars while you’re at it). For the rest of us let’s get started on our way to a healthy diet.

The first thing you should do is look for simple ways to mix in healthy options. Replacing white bread with wheat or multi grain bread, eating more vegetables (or drinking V8 juice) and fruit is a good place to start. Cutting down on butter and condiments is also helpful since they are a quick way to pack on bad calories that you weren’t aware of. Cooking with healthy oils instead can give food a lot more flavor without those empty condiment calories.

Another important step is to exercise portion control. We all eat way too much food for each meal and the portions are getting bigger and bigger as restaurants compete for our business. Try eating smaller portions but eat more times during the day. Doing this will prevent your metabolism from spiking, will keep you fuller for longer, and will teach you to eat healthy portions.

Lastly, give yourself a treat day now and again. I can guaranteed that for most of us if we don’t get a cheat day now and again where we can eat pizza, cupcakes or whatever bad food we desire that we won’t stick to a diet long term. Having a day once a week where you eat whatever you want (within reason) is good for you mentally and will help you meet your weight loss goals. Just make sure you don’t have a cheat day too often and be good the rest of the week.

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