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A popular trend among dieters recently has been liquid diets. These diets may involve consuming only liquids for a period of time, or they may involve incorporating weight loss shakes into your diet as meal replacements or for additional nutritional and weight loss benefits.

Let’s look at some of the facts surrounding liquid diet weight loss.

First, some types of liquid diets are very extreme. They call for a complete lack of solid food, and are usually undertaken by people without medical supervision. Two types are the Master Cleanse, and the Juice Fast.

The Master Cleanse program involves 10 days of consuming nothing but a lemonade drink and some laxative teas. In the Juice Fast, dieters drink only freshly made fruit and vegetable juices. This diet doesn’t have a set period of time, and people stay on it from anywhere from 1 day to over a month.

The Master Cleanse Program is the most extreme, and the most dangerous. While some people report good results with it, there are a lot of risks involved in reducing your caloric intake to essentially zero, including nutrient deficiencies, lightheadedness, and fainting.

Juice Fasting does give your body many essential nutrients. In fact, while on a juice fast, you will probably consume more vitamins and minerals than you normally do, because all of your caloric intake comes directly from fruits and vegetables. In the liquid form, the nutrients are absorbed more quickly and easily. So this type of diet it safer that the Master Cleanse, but shouldn’t be overused, or done for longer than a few days without medical supervision.

A good option is to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetable juices into a healthy diet. They can be a great occasional meal replacement, and can keep you feeling full and satisfied between meals.

If you are interested in liquid diet weight loss, it’s important to talk to a physician, and to have reasonable expectations. Loosing weight too quickly means that you’re likely to gain it back quickly. Always consider your health first, and if you do decide to go on an all liquid diet, I would recommend the Juice Fast, for no more than a few days.

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