The Lindora Diet Plan: Lifestyle Changes and Weight Loss

While the Lindora diet may seem like any other diet fad at first glance, this comprehensive diet plan actually guarantees more than just a quick weight loss fix. Founded in 1971 by Dr. Marshall Stamper in Newport Beach, the Lindora Clinic uses a medical approach as well as a personalized one to make sure that each individual obtains a weight loss program that works for the long-term. In a nutshell, the Lindora weight management program is geared towards healthy and manageable weight loss and weight management.

Here is a Lindora diet review that aims to explain in detail what this personalized weight management system has in store for you:

What is the Lindora diet program?

The Lindora diet plan uses the Lean for Life Approach which encourages dieters to “Eat Better, Move More, and Stress Less.” A selection of programs is available at the Lindora Clinic, customized according to your lifestyle needs and weight loss goals. Through lifestyle assessment, action plans, menu plans, maintenance programs, and easy to follow diet and health tips, you will be able to manage your weight successfully and keep it that way.

You may start on your Lindora weight loss and weight management program by visiting any of the Lindora clinics located near you. Or you may opt for the Lindora Online program which helps you lose weight in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your home.

The Lindora Lean for Life Clinic Program

The Lindora clinic weight management program is essentially a 10-week program that combines not only healthy eating and exercise but also includes education and medical attention. A complete assessment is carried out first of all to determine your weight loss goals and current health situation. This assessment is also important in order that the right lifestyle changes may be made for healthier and long-term weight loss. The 10-week program involves 8 weeks dedicated to weight loss and another 2 weeks geared towards metabolic adjustment.

Lindora Online

Lindora Online is another program option offered at the Lindora Clinic which helps you achieve your weight loss goals through a convenient online set-up. This easy-to-follow online program is perfect for you if there are no clinics located within your area. You have a choice between the 6-week and 10-week weight loss programs which include daily email messages, food diary, online library access, online videos, and the Lean for Life workbook. The cost is about $430 for a 10 week period, so you really have to be serious about weight loss if you are going to do the program. The premise of the program really revolves around the idea of changing your lifestyle and that can be extremely difficult to do on your own. Fad diets come and go, but they do not change actual eating and lifestyle habits in the long term.

Since Lindora food doesn’t include pre-cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, you are assured of a healthy diet that includes fresh, delicious, and healthy food choices. The fact that you don’t feel like you’re on a diet at all helps you maintain healthy eating habits and an improved perception on food and nutrition.

In essence however, this weight loss program encourages more than just healthy eating; it is based on a medical approach and more than 40 years of research and relevant experience in weight management. The Lindora diet plan understands the unique needs of each individual when it comes to weight loss, and this is what differentiates the Lindora approach to weight loss and weight maintenance from the other diet systems in the market today.

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