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If you are ever up early on the weekends and flipping through the channels you probably have seen an infomercial for the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. Of course the gadget works wonderfully on the commercial but consumer reviews are the best way to know if a product is worth its price.

Jack LaLanne juicer reviews seem to vary pretty widely. Some customers say they love the amount of juice it puts out and the juice recipes included. Another positive thing noted is the pulp is dry, showing that the juicer is doing its job. Some customers even find creative cooking uses for the pulp. Others use it in their garden compost mixes.

Other customers complain about the extensive cleanup after using it and say that if it not cleaned up right away you will have problems. There are a lot of pieces to the machine and it all has to be taken apart and cleaned. The machine parts are dishwasher safe, but pulp easily hardens and sticks if it is not run through immediately. Another comment made often by consumers is that you cannot actually shove whole pieces of food in the machine like the commercial shows. Most of the produce put in has to be cleaned, peeled and cut to run through smoothly.
One of the main factors in the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews seems to be previous experience with other juicers. Consumers who have used older and different models claim this juicer to be the most efficient ever. When compared to older, noisier and heavier models the Jack LaLanne juicer is said to be easier to work with. However, for many first time users of any juicing product, the work involved seems to bring out bad comments. Also, the work in producing fresh juice and cleaning it up tends to be more worth it to health conscientious consumers.

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