Putting Some Yum and Nutrition into Ice Cream Again

While there is no such thing as a real “Ice Cream Diet” plan, there are a few things I think people should about ice cream. There are many ways to make a decently nutritious ice cream dessert at home that will not contain any of the chemicals and additives that are in most of our frozen yogurts. After doing some research and reading about what is being added to this wonderful treat that we feed our kids and our families, I was pretty much amazed because what many companies add is not even food! For instance, cellulose is added to plump up many of our products (especially shredded cheese), and it is actually made out of wood and contains no nutrition. I know there may be more than one reason that cellulose is added to our food products, but one reason it is added to ice cream is so that it does not melt so fast (and I also thinks it adds volume to the the ice cream as well).

I think it is sad to know that ice cream used to be just that: iced cream. You can make it yourself without an ice cream maker as long as you have whipped cream, sweetener, and salt in order to “whip” it.

(Note to readers: Please bear with me as this post is being revised. I plan to include at least three healthy icecream recipes here. I will also include at least one dairy free option for making ice cream as well!)

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