How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving

Many of us start the Thanksgiving holiday off on the wrong foot and it sets the entire tone for the rest of the holiday season. You can however consciously decide to start the holidays off on the right foot and not make food the center of attention.

Here are a few suggestions on how to eat healthy and stay on track during the holidays:

1. Realize that the food is the same. I know it may seem like the foods are richer and filled with more calories, but if you are the main one preparing the foods, then the foods can be the same. Opt for fruity desserts sweetened by nature not sugar. If you are making pumpkin pies, sweeten with Splenda rather than sugar. Cook up more low carb veggies and have fewer carb-filled veggies such as potatoes, corn, and peas. Keep your meats clean and out of rich oily sauces and butters. Make homemade, whole grain bread and sprinkle on the flax seed.

2. Realize that you don’t have to eat massive portions to enjoy your dinners and parties. If you have a problem with over indulging, then eat before you arrive. This may sound like it will defeat your intentions, but if you eat a healthy snack or meal before you go out, you will be less seduced into filling your plate with everything there is to offer.

3. Realize that alcohol will be more abundant! Here are a few suggestions: Try and be the DD! Drink one glass of water to every drink you have to make you feel more full and keep you hydrated. Wait to have a drink until after you eat dinner. If you start to early, you will surely not only over-drink, but overeat as well.

4. Realize portion control and possible calorie counting may be a good decision for a couple of months. This isn’t to take away from your holiday festivities, or deprive you. But if you are really trying to lose weight now, or not wanting to gain weight now, it could save you from a disastrous setback that may stall you until the next season: Spring.

5. Realize that you can enjoy your holidays without overindulging. You can still eat and enjoy your pie, but just be aware of what you are eating, how often, and what the portions are. Also, do not fast until the big dinner! Keep constant fuel in your body and this will help you not overeat as well.

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