How Many Calories to Maintain Weight Successfully?

The number of calories that you consume per day determines whether or not you will gain more weight within a week or month; and the number of calories you burn on a regular basis determines your chances of losing weight and keeping it off not just for the short term. Simply put, there is a direct relation between the calories you consume and burn and the weight you will be gaining or losing. However the elemental question remains: how many calories to maintain weight?

The Truth on Calories and Weight Gain

The equation is pretty simple – reducing weight involves decreasing your caloric intake while increasing weight requires improving your caloric intake. However once you’ve already reached your ideal weight, how do you maintain it so you don’t gain back everything you’ve lost and revert back to square one?

One of the most important requirements in weight maintenance and weight management is calorie counting. By taking note of the number of calories you consume and the number of calories you burn, and making considerations on your present activity levels, you will know how much calories you should consume daily to manage your ideal weight.

Counting Calories to Maintain Weight

Calorie calculators are helpful in determining how many calories you need every day in order to maintain weight. Many of these calorie calculators are readily available online, however you can determine the right equation on your own as well by taking into account your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR and your Active Metabolic Rate or AMR.

Essentially, the Basal Metabolic Rate refers to the number of calories required for you to function if you are not doing anything except waking up first thing in the morning. The Active Metabolic Rate incorporates the additional calories you need to go through your daily routine, and is calculated using the BMR.

Once you determine your BMR, you can determine your AMR through the following equations, which will depend primarily on your activity levels:

•    Sedentary lifestyle AMR = BMR X 1.2
•    Slightly active AMR = BMR X 1.375
•    Moderately active AMR =BMR X 1.55
•    Very Active AMR = BMR X 1.725
•    Extra Active AMR = BMR X 1.9

Helpful Weight Maintenance Tips

Keeping track of your diet and the number of calories you consume per day doesn’t have to be complicated, however these need to be followed and monitored regularly to make sure that you’re on the road to long-term and successful weight management. When you consume too many calories than required for weight maintenance, you end up storing fat. On the other hand, consuming too few calories messes up your metabolism and forces your body to retain more fat to deal with energy starvation.

By counting calories to maintain weight, you can easily keep track of your daily caloric intake and daily calorie-burning ability for successful weight management. Keeping track of calories is a cornerstone in weight management, whether in losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining your ideal weight, especially for the long haul.


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