Healthy Lunch Ideas For School Lunch Boxes

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to come up with healthy lunch ideas for your child’s lunch box. That’s why I’ve written this article–to help you come up with ideas for a healthy lunch that your children will love.

Sandwiches are always convenient, but sometimes they can become just a little monotonous. Instead of your typical PB and J sandwiches, try a different kind of butter, such as cashew butter. Instead of jelly, you could do honey, but with cashew butter, try dates! Tuna salad instead of a deli sandwich, or a tortilla wrap instead of a sandwich.


Another twist on the sandwich theme would be to make pita pockets with hummus, lettuce, and tomatoes. Or burritos–make your own refried beans and roll them up in a homemade spelt tortilla. Sprinkled with just a little cheddar cheese, these rollups are great cold or warmed and present a mess-free, healthy alternative to sandwiches.

How about a pizza rollup? These kid-friendly meals-on-the-go are perfect to stick in the refrigerator ahead of time and simply package in a ziploc when preparing your child’s school lunch. To make, spread a couple of tablespoons of pizza sauce on a whole wheat tortilla. Top with pepperonis and a sprinkling of mozarella cheese, and put under the broiler long enough to melt the cheese. Roll the tortilla into a tight log and slice into pinwheels. There are many variations on the theme, and if desired, you could top the pizza with your child’s favorite toppings instead of pepperoni.

If your kids are simply sandwich partial, try using leftovers to create interesting sandwiches. For example, if you all have meatloaf for dinner, try a meatloaf sandwich–tasty, healthy, and filling. Have spaghetti for dinner? Make meatball subs on whole wheat bread! Curry is another yummy and filling leftover that can easily be transformed into a unique and delicious sandwich.

If you simply must use a packaged lunch from the store, opt for the healthy meals instead of a generic “meat-and-cheese” pack from Oscar Meyer. For example, you could easily buy a few boxes of Annie’s Organic Shells and White Cheddar. This mac and cheese, in addition to being tastier than your average box, is made of organic ingredients and contains no preservatives. And it is available at our Walmart for less than two dollars a box! You are probably thinking, Yeah, but I can get generic brands for fifty cents! True enough. However, when I learned of all the preservatives and chemicals involved in making fake cheese and white pasta, I was sure that the cost was worth it. This is just one example of ways that you can purchase organic, pre-packaged meals without paying outrageous prices.

These are only a few ideas for a healthy lunch that your kids will love and are fast to prepare. Use your creativity–you best know what foods your kids love and what would keep them happy and satisfied. Healthy lunch ideas simply need a little time to plan out, and then they are a breeze to fulfill.

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