Five Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating To Increase Energy

Most often energy loss is created by a lack of vitamins or minerals in the blood. Lack of digestion will also cause a feeling of weightiness and this in turn will create a less than energetic overall feel.

Finding healthy foods that raise energy is great for everyone. Foods that are high in antioxidants such as broccoli, grapes, apples, tomatoes,cabbage and even strawberries have numerous properties that help give energy levels a boost.

Apples are great for many reasons. They can replace the daily acid reflux pill taken now. The properties in a fresh apple do the same thing and they taste much better. Their high antioxidant content is great for flushing chemicals in the body that reduce vitamins in the blood. When poisons ingested are reduced the natural energy level returns.

Strawberries are another very good fruit that helps to maximize energy. This lovely little heart shaped food is essential in introducing proper amounts of potassium into the system. Once this mineral has been replenished it assists in reducing heart arrhythmia which can cause reduced energy due to the heart not pumping enough oxygen through it.

Corn is one of the most recognized for its energy giving properties. The healthiest way to consume this delectable vegetable is to eat it right off the cob. When corn is processed many of the parts of the kernels are lost which have the most vital components in them. The mineral thiamine that is high in corn converts food into energy.  Pantothenic acid is another chemical that corn is high in. This one metabolized carbohydrates that are ingested and uses them instead of storing them as fat.

Cabbage is not a food that is readily accepted into most diets. Not only is it one of the more gassy foods but many do not like the spicy taste it leaves in the mouth. Cabbage is high in vitamin C. This vitamin combats free radicals in the body that create damage to cells and tissues. Once there is enough damage to the system the energy levels drop so that repairs to the downed systems can begin. Another benefit of cabbage is that it reduces the depression that many people feel and take chemical drugs for. Depression is another thief your energy.

Tomatoes are a natural cholesterol fighter. More than half of Americans suffer from high cholesterol. When levels of this damaging and collective chemical are raised it gathers in places where energy giving minerals and vitamins would normally be absorbed. Reducing the cholesterol will give an astounding bump to the ability to stay active. The tomato has been found to hold so many benefits that this lovely and colorful fruit should be an essential part of every diet. It fights off a large number of the diseases that plague mankind and raises the overall level of health.

Boasting the properties of only five Healthy foods for energy seems a bit sad. Other natural foods that are grown from the Earth are just as nutritious and give many of the same properties that these listed do. Eating less of the processed foods available in the market and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds will raise the energy level exponentially, fight off diseases such as cancer (all kinds), detoxify the body, clean out the digestive tract, and many other things that make the body feel run down.

Each time you bite into an apple or munch on a carrot it is giving you an immunity to the myriad of poisons that our society are putting into the air and water. Vegetables grow in these chemicals and create a natural immunity to them. This is why eating healthy foods is the best way to increase all the body functions and maintain a level of energy that was had as a child.

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