Healthy Foods For Diabetics

By eating the right kinds of food you can limit and sometimes completely stop the negative effects of diabetes.  Today, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise are both terrific and fundamental ways of controlling diabetes.  There are actually certain groups of foods that can help you to keep diabetes completely in check without one drop of medication.  The following healthy foods for diabetics can actually help to control the disease in your body.


Eating three to four servings of vegetables a day is a great way to fill up your stomach with fibers without adding bad cholesterol and unwanted calories.  Diabetic patients often have the problem of over eating.  Vegetables are full of antioxidants which help to clean the blood and are good for the heart, eyes, and arteries.  Veggies are not only a delicious addition to your menu, but they are one of the best healthy foods for diabetics and essentials of healthy eating.


White meat is generally safe for diabetics, but there is no debate that fish is the healthiest meat for diabetics.  Besides being delicious, fish is a fast and easy meat to prepare.  Fish is also one of the best sources of protein for diabetics.  Diabetics have a problem with too much bad cholesterol and too little good cholesterol.  Fish is full of good fats that help to boost the right kind of cholesterol in Diabetics.


Legumes of any kind are great for a high fiber meal.  Beans help to slow down the metabolism by slowing down the digestive system.  If you feel like you are always hungry but never able to fulfill your hunger because you are diabetic, try adding beans to your meals.  Throw in beans with your sauces, sandwiches, and salads.  You will love the way they make you feel full.  Because they slow your digestive track down, they enable carbohydrates to be slowly absorbed by the body.


Everyone loves fruits.  They are delicious, natural, and the best part is that if you are diabetic, you do not have to forgo them.  Of course, because many fruits still have a lot of natural sugar, you should not eat too many a day.  Also remember that most juice, even juice that says no sugar added in the labels may still have added sugars that you cannot afford in your diet.  All the best vitamins and nutrients of fruits are in the outside layers or the peels, so if you are going to have fruit, it is best to have it fresh and not juiced.


Nobody is saying you should eat plain garlic, but garlic tastefully added in food can not only add a lot of flavor to your meal, but it can help to lower your blood sugar levels.  Garlic has properties that release the free flow of natural insulin in your body to help normalize blood sugar.

Of course, everyone is different, and you should always check your diet with your doctor to make sure it is really what is best for you. Healthy foods to eat are all around us, whether we are diabetic or not!

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