Creating an Eating Group With Your Friends

Ever wonder how to motivate yourself to eat better and promote a healthy lifestyle?   It is often hard to embark or even continue on the road to better health when alone.  It is easy to give up, easy to feel like a failure, and easy to return to your previous way of life. Eating groups are an encouraging way to help and be helped on a weight loss journey.


The idea is simple: once a week, your healthy foods eating group meets to enjoy a time of fun, reporting, and helping each other. This can be an established weight loss group like Weight Watchers, but if you don’t have the money for it, or do not live in an area that has organized groups, then you can create your own group.  

A fun idea for the meeting would be to decide on a healthy food of your choice that you or your friends would like to learn more about, whether that be on how to cook the food item or just more about its amazing qualities.  Another idea would be to pick a regional cuisine to explore, such as Thai or Indian food.  These two cuisines are excellent options for a healthy foods potluck because they most often utilize wholesome foods and plenty of spice to produce magnificent taste combinations.

Next, invite each member of your group to select a recipe that relates to the topic, and have them prepare the dish for the potluck.  You will need to do a little coordinating if you wish the meal to be a more than a hodge-podge meal; have someone bring an appetizer, a few others bring an entree each, and move through the menu like that.  If you can’t afford the time hassle, simply invite your friends to find a recipe that they would enjoy sharing and see what you end up with!

Cook for Your Family

Another really good idea, especially for those who have a family and want to change their eating habits, is to have a cooking group. Your group can decide on a meal or even meals that they get together and prepare and then take home. This will take quite a bit of planning and organization, but the end result can be very rewarding. First, you can get some real good girl time, but you can also get some healthy eating support from your friends. You can discuss your weight loss goals and lifetime health goals as well as you and your friends learn to create healthy meals that can be taken home and shared with your family.

Keep Yourself AND Your Friends Accountable

Creating a healthy eating group provides a fun and informative atmosphere for you and your friends to learn together and stay motivated.  They can also be used to document results; say that you all agree to go walking at least three miles a week and use your eating group to document results so that the whole group can work together.   Help your friends discover how they can change up their diet for maximum weight loss results.

These eating groups can also provide an atmosphere of accountability.  Even if you all meet once a week, the accountability is still there.  And you are doing it together.  After all, any journey is easier with a friend at your side, even weight loss adventures.  Friends keep you company, encouraged, and focused on the path ahead.  What friends could use your help in their weight loss journey today?

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