Healthy Foods: Diet Matters More Than You Think!

With the average American diet of fast, processed, or frozen foods, many diets are just plain not working.  It is rather hard to imagine, but most Americans are actually starving for real healthy food.  “Diet” does not have to be a dirty word!

But many of our diets are completely unhealthy, make us feel horrible, not to mention, they pack the pounds on! No wonder our diabetes, cancer, and obesity battles still rage — the human body can hardly survive healthily on the foods we stuff down our gullet on a daily basis.  Simply becoming more conscious of your diet and making choices that are healthy and wholesome can easily shed more than just a few pounds. It will also have an array of other health benefits!

Breakfast is truly one of the most sugary meals of the American  diet.  Donuts, bagels, pop-tarts, many cereals, you name it.  Chances are that your daily breakfast selection, be it cereal or otherwise, is full of corn syrup, white sugar, or any other fancy form of that fat-building compound.  Try enjoying a bowl of fruit for breakfast, half a melon, or a bowl of oatmeal with a few raisins and a bit of milk.  Poached eggs on toast is another excellent option.  The key to starting your day off right is to avoid the sugary products as much as possible and really fuel your body with nutrients it can use.

How about lunch?  Many Americans automatically head to McDonald’s or their favorite fast food drive-thru for a quick bite to eat during their lunch break.  Unfortunately, all that is really happening is the clogging of their arteries and the hastening of the day of doom.  Did you know that a double cheeseburger and milkshake from McDonald’s has over 15 Tablespoons of grease in it?  And that if a nurse were to draw your blood an hour after eating such a meal, and let it set for ten minutes, there would be a thick layer of fat molecules sitting on top of the blood sample inside the test tube?  Just imagine your whole system being that full of McDonald’s grease!  A hefty salad or a whole-wheat sandwich are far more healthy and useful toward your personal goals.

Dinner is perhaps the easiest meal to incorporate healthy foods into.  While an occasional pizza night is more than acceptable, the majority of weeknight dinners should consist of wholesome foods.  Chicken, whole-wheat pasta dishes, vegetable stir fries over brown rice — these are all tasty options for a dinner selection on a healthy foods diet.  And remember, frozen fruit pops provide a fun and refreshing treat without all the sugar and additives with it!

A healthy foods diet is one of the least invasive ways to lose weight.  And you will find, after just a few days on such a diet, that your body actually looks forward to all the healthy meals.  Choose wholesome foods for your family, and choose life.

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