A Healthy Food Diet is the Best Way to Lose or Maintain Weight

Eating healthy food is a good way to focus on losing weight permanently. While certain diet plans restrict the types of foods you eat, you won’t be faced with this limitation if you follow a diet that includes plenty of healthy foods. When you choose to eat more nutritiously then, you can choose from a variety of foods from which to make your selection. Such foods include:

  • Fish
  • Skinless chicken
  • Whole-grain pastas
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Bran
  • Legumes
  • Lean meat
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Healthy Eating also Includes Proper Meal Preparation

Using the above selection, you can refer to healthy food recipes that provide both great taste and nutrition. In your quest towards more healthy eating, you should also be aware that weight loss and health are also based on how one prepares meals as well. For example, it’s much better for both weight loss and health purposes to bake, steam, poach, grill or broil your food versus frying it.

Choose Olive Oil over Butter

Also, when preparing meat, the fat should be trimmed, even from the leanest pieces. Make sure you prepare chicken as well without the skin. Avoid using any butter in cooking as it is high in saturated fat – the type of fat that leads to cholesterol and heart disease. Choose, instead, heart healthy foods and to cook products in oils that are low in saturated fat, such as canola oil, olive oil and vegetable oil.

Always Eat Breakfast

As you begin to compile your own healthy food list to incorporate into daily meal planning, make it a priority to always include a nutritious breakfast. A healthy breakfast speeds up the metabolism so calories are burned more efficiently. Skipping breakfast can lower your metabolism and can also make you crave carbohydrates or high fat foods by mid-morning. Include cereals made of whole grains or oatmeal as well as fruit or whole-grain toast. Low fat snacks should also be included in the morning and afternoon to ward off the temptation to eat more at mealtime. Eat carrot sticks, a piece of fruit or cheese, or low fat yogurt when you feel hungry between meals.

Eat Soup for Lunch

If you tend to be liberal about using salt, then switch to a salt substitute or use herbs for taste in your cooking. Also, stay clear of canned soup which contains much too much sodium. Choose, instead, to make homemade soups. Soup, when not loaded with sodium, has been proven to help people lose weight healthily as it satisfies one’s appetite. In fact, studies reveal that people who eat soup for lunch generally, on average, consume 500 fewer calories per day than those individuals who chose something else to eat.

Use the above information as a general healthy food guide, and you’ll be making a good start toward eating healthier and living more healthily. The result will be a happier and longer life.

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