Healthy Food Options for Headaches

I have a friend who always seems to be getting headaches, sometimes migraines, but often just a bothersome headache. I realize that headaches may come from stress, vision problems, or some other cause, but because this blog is about eating healthy foods, I thought I would try to find some healthy food options to reduce, eliminate, or stop a headache. So before you grab the ibuprofen, let me tell you what I found!

I found six healthy foods that may help you with your headache:

First, blueberries are classified as more of a home remedy among Native Americans (the blueberry is one berry that is native to North America). They believed that eating blueberries would alleviate headaches and other pains, and used it medicinally in other ways as well.

Second, broccoli is rich in calcium and has been found that if eaten consistently, can prevent headaches altogether.

Third, you may have heard of the study done with cherries. According to Michigan State University, eating 20 cherries a day can reduce the number of headaches you get. 20 cherries also equal the pain relief of taking one aspirin. Cherries have been found to have a variety of phytochemicals, one of which gives cherries their red color and is believed to reduce pain.

Fourth and fifth, is cloves and horseradish. Both can be applied topically to the forehead. If you decide to try this method, mix a half teaspoon of clove powder with one teaspoon of cinnamon oil and make it into a paste and apply. Also consuming cloves can reduce pain, as it contains a natural pain reliever called eugenol.

And last is rosemary, which is usually taken in tea form to relieve a headache. Fresh leaves is best, but dried is okay too.

If you are trying to stay away from prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers, these healthy food options may be a few you would like to try.

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