Healthy Food Ideas for Kid’s Lunches

One way to help your children eat more healthy food is to send them to school with a packed lunch each day. Not only are home packed lunches more healthful, they’re also less expensive. In this guide we’ll give you some healthy food recipes you can use to build your children a great boxed lunch. Even if you don’t pack a lunch every day, incorporating healthy food ideas into their lunches a few times a week can be a benefit.

Healthy Main Course Ideas

Some of these healthy food ideas require the use of a microwave, which more schools are now incorporating into their lunchrooms. However, there are also several cold lunch options listed as well.

  • Homemade chilli with cheese, fruit on the side
  • Tuna sandwich on whole grain bread, non-hydrogenated chips
  • Sliced deli turkey rolled with cheese, grape tomatoes and strawberries
  • Spinach and romaine salad tossed with grilled chicken breast, dressing and parmesan cheese

Snack Ideas

  • Celery with peanut butter and raisins
  • Sliced pear with Canadian bacon
  • Whole grain crackers and low fat spreadable cheese such as Laughing Cow
  • Trail mix made from raisins, nuts and dried fruit
  • Blueberries

Recruit Your Child
One great way to have your child eat healthier meals at lunch is to get them involved in the menu planning process. Ask them to choose one new food per week to try, and then together search for an easy to prep recipe. The more your child is involved in the process, the more they’re likely to embrace trying new things. They may even be willing to help prep lunch every day, saving you time!

As you introduce more foods into your child’s menu, the more comfortable they will become with new tastes and textures. When you do introduce new foods, be sure to add the new item as a side dish to a meal that already contains tried and true favorites.  Eating healthy foods can be done, and the process is much easier when you have a plan and get your children on board.

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