A Few Healthy Food Habits The Whole Family Can Enjoy

With the new year upon us, perhaps you have decided to begin implementing better healthy food habits into your daily menu, whether that be for just yourself or for the entire family. Rather than massively changing your lifestyle all at once and most likely turning off the rest of your family, consider implementing these healthy eating tips gradually before diving in the deep end.


Perhaps the biggest tip worth sharing with you is simply what was just said: move gradually into healthful eating. If you throw out all the bad junk food in your kitchen and replace it with only a few fruits and vegetables, substitute your white rolls for whole wheat bread, and throw out the Jif to use natural-ground peanut butter instead, your family most likely will not wish to follow. Instead, change just one or two things at a time, and gradually ease your family into healthful food habits.

One very simple way to add a good eating habit into your diet is to purchase a liter-sized water bottle. Drink enough water to refill this bottle three more times during the day, and presto–you have mastered one of the most important aspects of staying healthy. Incidentally, this new-found health will reveal itself in the form of less acne, fewer headaches, and softer skin.

Secondly, take a good look at your diet now. Do you eat a frozen pizza or delivered-to-your-door pizza three times a week? Try making your own healthy pizzas just one of those three times. If you eat too much deli meat in the form of sodium-rich sandwiches, find a healthier alternative such as homemade tuna fish or chicken salad sandwiches.

Changing your own personal eating habits could also be as simple as keeping a food journal of every piece of food that passes your lips. If you had to write down every cookie crumb that you ate for a snack today, perhaps you would only eat two cookies instead of ten. Also, once you have an idea of what unhealthy foods you eat on a regular basis, the better equipped you will be to look for healthy alternatives to bad food choices. (Editor’s note: I just have to add this! If you don’t want to keep a food journal, then keep a photo journal with your cell phone! Simply take a picture of every meal and snack you have throughout the day! Do this with your drinks too!)

Here are a couple more ideas on how to change eating habits for better, healthier mealtimes. For breakfast, try ditching the pop tarts for an easy, homemade batch of blueberry muffins. At lunchtime, opt for the healthier boxes of macaroni and cheese instead of the carrot-orange kind. Add one veggie–just one. Along with your typical family dinner, add a salad. While you are at it, make it unique. Branch out from the familiar lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes and try a tastier one. Steam a vegetable and toss with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. These simple tips will help you to unite your family toward making healthy eating an every-day habit, a lifestyle that will not change.

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