Healthy Food for Kids – A Stealthy Mom’s Guide

Do your kids refuse to eat anything that even appears to be healthy? Do they turn up their noses at broccoli, spinach and even applesauce? If you have picky kids, and let’s face it, who doesn’t, your only option may be to go the stealth Mom route. Sometimes getting your kids to eat healthy isn’t by taking away their favorites, but by incorporating healthy foods in a way they’d never guess.

Orange Juice – The Perfect Cover

Everyone can benefit from fish oil, even kids. In fact, DHA has been linked to improved brain development and function. However, getting your kids to actually take fish oil is another matter. So, if you don’t want to have a battle every morning, why not try some Carlson’s liquid fish oil in their OJ each morning? Carlson Labs has a lemon flavored fish oil that doesn’t taste a bit fishy and will blend perfectly with their morning drink. What your kids don’t know will actually help them.

Sneaky Healthy Food Recipes

Make a list of all of your kid’s favorite foods. You’ll likely have items like mac and cheese, pizza, pancakes, hot dogs and baked goods. Most of us love these kinds of foods. Fortunately, there is a way to make healthy food versions of all of these. Keep in mind, as you modify foods, do so slowly. For example, start making their favorite banana bread with part applesauce instead of oil. Then, the following week, pick up nitrate free turkey hot dogs. Over time, serve their favorites but simply make some tweaks in the way they’re prepared. Use a whole grain pancake mix, add broccoli to the mac and cheese and make your own pizza with organic ingredients. After awhile, your children’s tastes will change and you will be able to incorporate even more healthy items.

The key to success with picky eaters is to incorporate changes slowly while still offering favorites. Too many changes at once are likely to cause family rioting. Instead, choose one or two recipes a week and incorporate more vegetables, reduce the use of oil and butter and focus on whole foods rather than processed. In no time the whole family will be eating healthier – and they may not even realize it.

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