Healthy Food Choices for reducing the effects of Alzeimer’s

There are many foods out there that have been shown to increase cognitive and brain function. David Grotto, who wrote 101 Foods That could Save Your Life, highlighted five healthy food choices that can reduce the effects or help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. While there are other food choices available, I am going to highlight the same five that Grotto did.

First, diets rich in Almonds among test-mice with a similar dementia, found that after only four months, the mice did better on memory tests. Almonds have many health benefits, and this is just one of them.

Brown Rice and Almonds both reduce a specific protein in the body called betaamyloid. This protein has been found to be a leading contributor to getting Alzheimer’s dementia.

Blueberry extract has also been shown to improve balance, coordination, and memory, even in those challenged with the disease.

Hazelnuts, with their high source of folate, has also been shown to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s.

And last is Turmeric (often misspelled Tumeric). Turmeric is what is used to make curry, although you can use it as a spice in casseroles and such. Originating in India, it has found its way to the Western world as a not-so-uncommon dish. This, to me, was an amazing study: It revealed that eating only one serving of curry a month increased cognitive function when compared to those who ate less! Wow, twelve times a year. It does the same thing that brown rice and almonds do, lowering a protein in the body that puts a person more at risk for getting Alzheimer’s.

I know that other studies have been found to be beneficial in reducing your risk for Alzheimer’s. May dad drinks a dark red wine most every night. The above foods, however, are highlighted by David Grotto, and I believe, are lesser known. They are easy to incorporate into a balanced, and healthy diet, and can add to the healthy food choices already available.

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